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Calcium and Garcinia Cambogia



Complete Hype About Calcium and Garcinia Cambogia

If the extract is made from the real Garcinia Cambogia plant then it has Calcium Salt in it. One of the main ingredients of the rhine of the Garcinia is calcium. Most of the calcium salt is lost in the process of converting the rhine into an extract but not all. It's like processing oranges into an extract some of the vitamin C is lost but not all. You can not process all of the vitamin C out of oranges. Garcinia Cambogia is the same way you can not process all of the calcium salt out of the rhine. All pure genuine Garcinia Cambogia has small amounts of calcium in it or it isn't pure. FDA doesn't require manufactures to label inactive ingredients and calcium salt is a inactive ingredient. We do not, by FDA standards, have to list calcium or calcium salt but we chose to put on our label all ingredients that are more than a trace amount. The amount of calcium in our Garcinia is minimal as is in all the other Garcinia Cambogia that's on the internet and the market. If you were to buy any Garcinia Cambogia and have it tested by a third party lab the result will show traces of calcium/calcium salt. Other companies do not label there product with calcium or calcium salt because the don't have to, but it's there. Calcium in no way impedes the performance of Garcinia Cambogia or none of it would work; and Garcinia works. Our customers have had tremendous success with our formula that was formulated directly in line with what was stated and shown on the Dr. Oz show. This whole calcium, no calcium, make sure it doesn't have calcium, is an internet marketing strategy to sell product and has no validity what so ever on the effects Garcinia Cambogia. All Garcinia Cambogia has traces of calcium or calcium salt or it's not real Garcinia extract.

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